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What's New 🚀🚀


GitLab Account-Wide Integration

  • Introducing GitLab account-wide integration with a convenient "Select All" option for GitLab in ZTP. To enhance your workflow, make sure to remove existing GitLab installations before proceeding.

  • A Personal Access Token (PAT) with API privileges and access to all organizations is now required for seamless integration.

SAST-Related Findings Deduplication

  • The latest update to the SAST tool includes a new deduplication feature for easier management of related findings.


ZTP Provisioning for Azure DevOps

  • Zero Touch Provisioning now supports Azure DevOps, offering a streamlined experience for you.

Projects View Optimization

  • The projects page is now optimized to give a centralized overview of the security exposures identified in your projects.


Policy Version 2 UI

  • Embrace the future of policy management with the all-new Policy UI version 2. Gain unprecedented control and granularity over policy decisions and actions.

  • For new policies, experience the power of the new UI (V2) while retaining visibility and editing capabilities for existing policies created with the old UI.


Scan History PDF Report

  • Generate and send PDF reports for your scan history effortlessly, enhancing your documentation and reporting capabilities.

Webhook Integration Visibility

  • The Webhook integration is now visible to all users, providing enhanced transparency and ease of use.


SCA Enrichment Improvements

  • Improve your Software Composition Analysis (SCA) with enriched SCA data. Discover the new Fixable filter and delve into enhanced findings details for SCA and Container-related issues.

Repository PII Information Indication

  • Safeguard sensitive data by adding repository attributes indicating the presence of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

  • Dive into comprehensive details of findings, now including a dedicated filter and section for PII information, providing better visibility and control.


Zero Touch Provisioning for Various Platforms

  • Experience Zero Touch Provisioning on multiple platforms, including Github, Bitbucket, and both SaaS and On-Prem versions of GitLab.


Checkov Scanner for Ansible

  • Improve your Ansible security with the new Checkov scanner module, now available to fortify your projects.


Microsoft Teams Outbound Notifications

  • Seamlessly integrate BoostSecurity with Microsoft Teams for outbound notifications, ensuring you easily stay in the loop.


Azure SCM Integration

  • Boost your productivity by connecting your workflow to the Azure SCM integration.


SBOM Licenses Filter

  • Gain greater control over your Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) with the new licenses filter, providing enhanced insights into your projects.

Findings Snoozing Support

  • Take charge of your Findings management with the new support for snoozing findings. Customize snooze duration and provide justifications for more efficient workflow.


Security Events Support

  • Security Events are findings that may indicate a potential breach. These events require manual review to ensure no malicious activity has occurred.


Single-Commit Pull Requests in CircleCI

  • Simplify your development cycle by integrating single-commit pull requests into your CircleCI workflow.


GitLab Integration

  • Elevate your workflow with our GitLab integration. Seamlessly connect BoostSecurity to GitLab for enhanced protection measures, collaboration, and streamlined workflows.


Findings View Enhancements

  • Boost your Findings management with bulk suppression capabilities and comprehensive information, including CVE IDs and advisory links.
  • Visualize resources in the Policies > Resources view with easy-to-identify SCM icons.


Findings View Filters Improvement

  • Enjoy a smooth interface with improved findings view filters that collapse inactive filters by default, ensuring a seamless experience.

Policies Attributes Filter

  • Experience better resource management with the introduction of the attributes filter and attribute display in the Policies > Resources section.
  • Additional attributes include repository visibility, language, and origin for customized policies.


GitLab Sign-In Feature

  • Simplify your access with the GitLab sign-in feature, allowing you to use your GitLab credentials seamlessly.


Bitbucket Sign-In Feature

  • Sign in effortlessly using your Bitbucket credentials, streamlining your access to BoostSecurity.


JIRA Auto-Close Feature

  • Enhance your JIRA integration with the new auto-close feature, enabling seamless closure of JIRA tickets upon resolution or suppression in code/UI.


Azure DevOps Extension Live

  • Dive into the world of Azure DevOps with our new extension.


Findings Viewer Filters

  • Empower the analysis of your findings with new EPSS and CVSS score filters, ensuring you focus on what truly matters.

Insight Graph for Violations/Findings

  • The insights page provides an all-new graph describing violations and findings per scanner.


CVE Information in SBOM

  • Improve your vulnerability analysis with added visibility into CVE information within your SBOM.


New Dashboard Landing Page

  • The improved landing page summarizes important trends in the state of your software's security.


Bitbucket Integration

  • Integrate BoostSecurity with Bitbucket, unlocking new features, including support for Main and PR flow, PR comments, check failures, and more.


New SCA Scanner Module for Golang

  • Introducing a cutting-edge SCA scanner module for Golang, powered by the Nancy scanner.


New SCA Scanner Module for Python

  • Improve your Python project security with our new SCA scanner module powered by the safety scanner.


Insight Violations and Findings Statistics

  • Insight violations and findings statistics now exclude suppressed findings and violations.


npm-audit Scanner Support

  • Improve your package security with support for the npm-audit scanner.


Source Scanning with Checkov Scanner

  • Discover enhanced source scanning capabilities with our new Checkov scanner module.

Source Scanning with CodeQL Scanner

  • Empower your source code analysis with our new CodeQL scanner module.


New SCA Scanner Module for Ruby

  • Improve your Ruby projects with our new SCA scanner module powered by bundler-audit.


Container Image SBOM Scanner

  • Experience seamless container image analysis with our new scanner module, generating component inventories for container images based on Trivy.


Container Image Scanning with Trivy

  • Streamline your container image security with our new scanner module, providing enhanced container image scanning capabilities.


New Source Code Scanner Modules

  • Improve your source code analysis with new modules based on Brakeman for Ruby and Gitleaks, ensuring comprehensive security coverage.


Source Code Scanner for Go

  • Unlock the potential of Go code security with our new source code scanner powered by Gosec.


Software Build of Materials (SBOM) Service

  • Introducing our SBOM service and scanner module to provide comprehensive inventory and vulnerability reporting for repositories.