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Integrate Bitbucket with BoostSecurity

BoostSecurity lets you to connect your Bitbucket organization to scan repositories, pull requests, and code commits for security issues.


As a pre-requisite to installing the application:

  • Enable development mode must be selected in your Bitbucket's workspace Installed Applications settings. To do this, go to your BitBucket organization workspace settings > Installed Apps and then select the Enable Development Mode

    Enable Dev Mode

  • You must enable Two Factor Authentication, i.e., 2FA enabled. To enable 2FA, go to Bitbucket's two0step verification page, follow the steps provided, and click on Enable two-step verification to complete the process.

    Enable two-step verification


This integration allows BoostSecurity to access your Bitbucket organization and repositories and apply security checks, including CI/CD supply chain security checks.

1. Connect Bitbucket to BoostSecurity

To install the BoostSecurity App on your Bitbucket workspace, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Integration view. I.e., in Settings > Integrations. Select the Bitbucket integration from the Available section.
  2. Select Install, and you will be directed to authorize access to BoostSecurity for your workspace.

    Install Bitbucket

  3. Select the appropriate Bitbucket workspace for which you want to authorize the BoostSecurity App.

  4. Select Grant access.

    Grant Access

Once the installation is completed, the BoostSecurity Bitbucket card is added to the Settings > Integrations > Installed section. At this point, the BoostSecurity App is installed on your Bitbucket workspace.

Installed BitBucket Instance

Next Steps

It is recommended to enable default scanner protection for your Bitbucket organization.