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Provision Scanners

The Provisioning aspect within the Scanner Coverage page offers users a streamlined process for provisioning scanners to repositories that lack adequate coverage. By identifying repositories without sufficient security measures and enabling users to provision scanners efficiently, this feature enhances overall security posture management within the software supply chain.

Scanner Provisioning Workflow

The Provisioning interface within the Scanner Coverage page presents users with a systematic workflow for provisioning scanners to repositories. Users can navigate through repositories lacking adequate scanner coverage and initiate provisioning tasks seamlessly within a centralized interface.

To provision a respository:

  1. Select an organization to get a list of all repositories within it.

    Select Org

  2. Select a repository from the dropdown list.

    Select Repo

  3. Click on the Provisioning button at the top corner of the page

    Click Provisioning

  4. Select the scanners to be provisioned for the repository. BoostSecurity provides an extensive list of scanners users can select from.


    If certain scanners cannot be enabled for a particular repo, the scanner is blurred out from the options and therefore, unclickable. A note is displayed that informs the user on why the scanner cannot be enabled.

    Scanner Provisioning

  5. Clcik the Complete button to save the progress.

  6. The scanner is now provisioned for the repo.

    Scanner Provision