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How to Deprovision Scanners

The deprovisioning aspect within the Scanner Coverage page offers users a streamlined process for deprovisioning scanners to repositories.

Scanner Deprovisioning Workflow

To deprovision a respository:

  1. Select an organization to get a list of all repositories within it.

    Select Org

  2. Select a repository from the dropdown list.

    Select Repo

  3. Click on the Provisioning button at the top corner of the page

    Click Provisioning

  4. Deselect the scanners to be deprovisioned for the repository and click the Next button.

    Scanner Deprovisioning

  5. For step two, there are two options to manage your data.


    Orphaned findings are findings that will not be updated by future scans due to their scanners being deprovisioned. You can decide to manage those findings in either of two ways:

    • Keep: Leave existing data unmodified.
    • Delete: Permanently remove all findings from deprovisioned scanners.

    Scanner Deprovisioning

  6. Clcik the Complete button to save the progress.

  7. The scanner(s) is now deprovisioned for the repo.