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About BoostSecurity

Welcome to BoostSecurity's documentation, your comprehensive resource for maximizing the effectiveness of BoostSecurity's features and achieving secure, high-velocity software development.

What is BoostSecurity?

BoostSecurity is a cutting-edge platform designed to help you identify, prioritize, and address security vulnerabilities in your code, open-source dependencies, container image configurations, stored secrets, SAST, IaC, 3rd party OSS library vulnerabilities, generate SBOM, and more.

Embrace a Developer-First Approach

At BoostSecurity, we prioritize the needs of modern, DevOps-oriented engineering teams that value speed and efficiency. We empower high-velocity engineering teams who embrace a comprehensive "all-as-code" philosophy and leverage cloud-native, CI/CD development approaches. BoostSecurity enables early detection and remediation of security vulnerabilities at DevOps velocity while ensuring the continuous integrity of the software supply chain at every step, from the keyboard to production.

With BoostSecurity, integrating security requirements seamlessly across the entire DevOps workflow becomes effortless. Our platform provides Integrations and orchestrates various security tools to cover all layers of your cloud application, including code, CI/CD pipeline, cloud infrastructure, web apps, APIs, and more.

Incorporate BoostSecurity into Your Workflow

Here's how you can utilize BoostSecurity to enhance your development process:

Get visibility into the security vulnerabilities in code, cloud, and CI/CD pipeline misconfigurations in your software supply chain in minutes.


  • Code Security: Leverage BoostSecurity to identify and resolve vulnerabilities in your open-source dependencies and source code.
  • Container Security: Utilize BoostSecurity to identify and address vulnerabilities in your container images.
  • Deployment Security: Integrate BoostSecurity into your Continuous Integration (CI) process to scan your code or artifact resources for potential vulnerabilities.
  • Automation:Leverage BoostSecurity to achieve DevSecOps Automation in minutes by creating policies, container image scans, and many more.
  • Software Bill of Materials (SBOM): Generate SBOM across your entire supply chain.
  • Developer-Friendly: Developers do not need to install plugins and new tools, create new accounts, or become security experts.
  • Compliance: Simplify risk, audit, governance, and compliance reporting for every code repo, CI/CD pipeline, and SBOM in your software supply chain.
  • Scalability: Build and amplify trust between developers & security for scalable DevSecOps through high fidelity, zero friction SaaS automation.

Seamless Integration Capabilities

BoostSecurity seamlessly integrates into your software development and security processes. Our platform offers a range of integrations that can be tailored to fit your specific needs, including source control, CI/CD systems, and more. For more information, refer to our BoostSecurity integrations and BoostSecurity CI integration documentation.