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User Experiences

BoostSecurity is designed to empower your team with robust security capabilities while providing a seamless user experience. Our platform ensures that every user has the appropriate level of access to perform their tasks efficiently and securely, whether you’re inviting new team members or managing user roles.

Invite Users

Expand your team's security capabilities by inviting new users to join BoostSecurity. By default, any user invited is assigned a user role. Adding members to your team is simple and seamless.

  1. Navigate to the User section of your account settings.
  2. Click the Invite Users button at the top-right of the page.

    Invite User

  3. Input the user's email and select the role to be assigned to the user. Click the Send button.

    !!! note "If no role is selected, the user would be assigned the default User role"

    Send Invite

  4. The invite is sent and the user's status is tagged Pending Confirmation. You can remove or resend the invite, and you can also update the user role.

    Pending Confirmation

BoostSecurity User Roles

There are three types of user roles available on BoostSecurity:

1. Admin Role

An Admin user on BoostSecurity has full access and control over the platform's features and settings. This includes:

  • Managing user accounts
  • Configuring security policies
  • Provisioning Zero Touch Provisioning
  • Accessing and analyzing security reports
  • Performing tasks such as source code management integrations

2. User Role

A User on BoostSecurity has limited access compared to an Admin user. Their capabilities include:

  • Viewing security alerts and reports
  • Adjusting personal settings

3. Viewer Role

A Viewer has read-only access to the platform. Their capabilities include:

  • Viewing security alerts and reports
  • Accessing read-only versions of dashboards and analytics