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How-to Guides

These are practical step-by-step guides to help you achieve a specific goal. Here, you'll find a collection of comprehensive guides designed to walk you through various tasks and processes related to BoostSecurity.

Whether you're integrating with source code management systems, configuring zero-touch provisioning, tuning provisioning settings, managing software bill of materials, defining policies, handling findings, or integrating with third-party services, these guides provide step-by-step instructions to help you achieve your goals efficiently.

Explore the sub-sections below to delve into specific how-to guides:

  1. Integrate with Source Code Management
  2. Zero Touch Provisioning
  3. Tuning Provisioning
  4. Software Bill Of Materials
  5. Policy
  6. Findings
  7. API
  8. Integrating with Third-Party Notification Services
  9. Integrating with Third-Party Scanners