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Source Code Management (SCM) Terminology

Source Code Management (SCM) systems, despite their unique terminologies, share a common core functionality. This guide aims to familiarize you with these terminologies, making your transition between systems smoother and more comfortable.

GitHub BitBucket GitLab Azure DevOps Description
Pull Request Pull Request Merge Request Pull Request A formal request to merge changes from one branch into another, usually the main branch. It allows for code review and collaboration before merging.
Repository Repository Project Repository A collection of files, code, and version history associated with a software project.
Commit Commit Commit Commit A record of changes made to the codebase at a particular time.
Branch Branch Branch Branch A separate line of development within a repository. It allows multiple contributors to work on different features simultaneously without affecting the main codebase.
Clone Clone Clone Clone Repository Creating a copy of a repository, including all its files and version history, on a local machine or another remote location.
Fork Fork Fork Fork Repository Making a copy of a repository to one's personal account GitHub account, enabling independent development without affecting the original repository.
Main Master Main Main The default and primary branch of a repository where the main development work occurs.
Tag Release Tag Release A marker used to identify a specific point in the commit history.
Push Push Push Push Uploading local code changes to a remote repository. This makes the committed changes accessible to other collaborators and triggers various actions such as builds and tests.
Diff Diff Changes Compare/Diff A comparison between two code sets, typically showing the differences between versions or branches. It helps identify what has been added, modified, or deleted.
Artifacts Artifacts Artifacts Artifacts Build outputs, binary files, or any other files produced during the software development process.
Workflows Pipelines Pipelines Pipelines A configurable automated process running one or more jobs.
Step Step Step Task Individual work units within a workflow or pipeline. They represent discrete actions like building, testing, and deploying code.
Gist Snippet Snippet Wiki A shareable piece of code, text, or documentation. It's often used to share code snippets or notes with others quickly.